Hortico Inc.


To our valued customers:

Welcome. We appreciate the effort you have made to visit our Plant Centre and we will do everything in our power to supply you with choice plants at a fair price. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about plant care. We can also offer plant variety suggestions if you wish.

We hope that you enjoy our new catalogue. There are many old favourites, as well as many new varieties listed here. We are sure that there is something for every rose lover to enjoy. If there is a rose which you are searching for, which is not listed here, please feel free to inquire about it. We sometimes have roses which are not listed.

About our roses:

Our rose selection is extensive, over 3000 varieties. Our roses have received international acclaim from many satisfied customers, including rose judges and rose society officials.

You may purchase roses year round, as long as you have a place to plant them! (One can plant a rose at any time when the temperature is above freezing.) Our roses are harvested from the fields in October and are then stored in cold storage until they find a home. Roses may be purchased bareroot from the end of October until the end of June and potted from July until October.

At times we are sold out of certain varieties, in which case you may opt for a substitution. Or, if the variety you are looking for is not available please fill out an order form, submit it and we will try to source it for you or put it into production and supply it to you at a later date.

About our inventory:

Hortico ships plants worldwide and is a major wholesale supplier to the nursery industry in North America & World wide! Due to our no frills approach (no huge paved parking areas, no showrooms, no fancy catalogues), we are able to offer our customers unique plants at lower than average prices. We are also committed to a low-chemical, low-pesticide approach, which accounts for some of the weeds you may see lurking around (Plants out of place!!!).

We invite you to visit as long as you like. Veteran customers know to bring their boots, some bring a picnic basket. If you wish, we will prepare your order while you enjoy a leisurely lunch or coffee in Waterdown. Just ask any of our retail team about restaurant locations.

In addition, we offer design services to our customers.

Thank you for your business,
The Hortico Team