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Custom Rose Growing

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Hortico has a new program which allows you to have a rose that you have located re-produced for you. Perhaps you have a rose in your private garden or a rose in a friends garden that you can not find commercially available or you do not know of any other source. We will help you propagate this rose for you and make it available to the public once again!

Propagation of a rose is a patient process of 2-3 years.
The cost of producing your special rose is $29.95.

The first rose would cost $29.95, which includes the propagation fee.
Additional roses of the same variety would be $19 each for the first year,
then whatever price is determined for following years.

For more information or to discuss custom propagation,
please contact John Vanderkruk, email: john@hortico.com.

Please keep in mind that certain rose patents may impose royalties or limitations which we would follow when producing the rose for you.