Hortico Inc.

Garden Design Services

In addition to our extensive plant selection, we offer design services to our customers.

hard at work We have several options for your garden design. When you have enough time to really enjoy the planning stage of your garden, we suggest you take a design guideline with you. Please have a sketch ready for the area you have in mind, indicating due North, and wind and shade factors. We advise that you do look around here in the yard and in books to discover what it is that you like. We can also take the pictures you have found in books or magazines, identify the plants and enable you to create a similar garden in your own back yard!! This option involves more research on your part and is very rewarding. We charge $150.00 to process your ideas and combine our suggestions for a complete design service. Please leave your name and phone number on an order form.

Add $25 travel for Ontario locations outside the Hamilton/Burlington Area.
Additional travel expenses apply if remote or other locations.

For design services, please contact us by phone or email, not by ordering online.