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Business Consultation

Rose potting seminar in Moscow ~ Russia
Rose potting seminar in Moscow ~ Russia

In recent years Hortico has been asked by entrepreneurs around the world to offer consultation in many areas of the horticultural industry. Whether you are an established corporation or an individual; we can assist you in exploring new ideas and help you find a new direction.

The horticultural industry is one that is continually expanding thus creating many exciting opportunities. Hortico has a wealth of experience in this industry and is willing to share the information it has gleaned over the years. With many relationships worldwide Hortico can also help you network with existing entrepreneurs in the industry.

Hortico can give advice for field layouts, irrigation techniques, container production including pot in pot, and propagation greenhouse setup. Hortico can also offer hands on employee training for many areas of expertise including grafting, budding, potting, and planting to name a few.

Our consultation is done at the client's site. The consultation schedule is flexible to the client's needs. The consultation will be designed on a per case basis and can be extended as the client discerns necessary.

Please contact us if you are interested in our services by emailing us at john@hortico.com.

John Vanderkruk for HORTICO INC