Hortico Inc.

Letter to Our Customers

Greetings to all gardening enthusiasts!

John in the Muskokas On behalf of all of us here at Hortico I want to personally thank you for your continued encouragement in helping us serve the horticultural industry!

The year 2005 was probably one of the most challenging years I have experienced in this industry! Coupled with an incredibly harsh Winter we barely experienced a Spring. It seemed as if we went straight from sub-zero to summer heat! This put an incredible strain on our Spring shipping season. None-the-less we persevered and proceeded with our own field plantings as well. We had a better summer with timely rains and good weather. The autumn made up for everything ~ warm days extended well into December allowing us to ship right up until Christmas! We are learning to be thankful with whatever weather comes our way!

This New Year we are looking forward to continuing to serve the industry in every way that we can. We have already added hundreds of new rose varieties to the website and this year will mark the beginning of our perennial website. We hope to introduce many new photos as the year progresses! With our ability to ship worldwide we are making it our goal to have perennials available year 'round with exception to periods of extreme heat or cold.

I am very excited with the vast potential of our industry ~ thank you again for your support & encouragement!

Giving Thanks,
John Vanderkruk for Hortico Inc.

Posted January 2006