Hortico Inc.

Speaking Engagements

John and son Each year during the months of January and February, Mr. John Vanderkruk will make himself available to Horticultural societies worldwide for seminars, special presentations, public forums, or speaking engagements.

Mr. Vanderkruk loves talking about many different subjects and can adapt to your program as you see fit. Some of the favourites include: Winter care, Rose Pruning throughout the year, Rose propagation in your own backyard, Rose planting and care for premium establishment, Growing and marketing plants in our global market to name a few. Each presentation includes visuals with pictures & diagrams! Mr. Vanderkruk enjoys interaction with the audience and likes to include a substantial question & answer period.

Any honorariums that we receive on behalf of Mr. Vanderkruk's work are given to charity. We do not expect to receive honorariums and understand the budget restraints of many horticultural societies! We do ask that transportation and housing costs be covered with the invite. Here again Mr Vanderkruk has over-nighted with host homes from various members instead of taking a hotel.

Please let us know in advance if you are interested by emailing us at john@hortico.com.