Alphabetical Perennial Index - B

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# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
1 BAPTISIA 'Purple Smoke' BAPUS-BR Perennial Species: Baptisia (False Indigo)
2 BAPTISIA 'Twilite Prairieblues' BATPBL-BR Perennial Species: Baptisia (False Indigo)
3 BAPTISIA 'Vanilla Cream' BAVAC-BR Perennial Species: Baptisia (False Indigo)
4 BERGENIA 'Bressingham White' BEBWH-BR Perennial Species: Bergenia (Saxigraga)
5 BERGENIA cordifolia BECOR-BR Perennial Species: Bergenia (Saxigraga)
6 BERGENIA cordifolia 'Winter Glow' BEWGL-BR Perennial Species: Bergenia (Saxigraga)
7 BERGENIA 'Eden's Dark Margin' BEEDM-BR Perennial Species: Bergenia (Saxigraga)
8 BERGENIA 'Eroica' BERO-BR Perennial Species: Bergenia (Saxigraga)
9 BERGENIA 'Magic Giant' BMAGI-BR Perennial Species: Bergenia (Saxigraga)
10 BERGENIA 'Pink Dragonfly' BEPIDR-BR Perennial Species: Bergenia (Saxigraga)
11 BLECHNUM spicant BLSPI-BR Ferns: Blechnum
12 BLETILLA striata BLSTRI-BR Perennial Species
13 BOLTONIA asteroides var. latisquama 'Masbolimket' BOLMA-BR Perennial Species: Boltonia
14 BOUTELOUA curtipendula BOCUR-BR Ornamental Grasses: Bouteloua (Grama)
15 BOUTELOUA gracilis BOGRA-BR Ornamental Grasses: Bouteloua (Grama)
16 BOUTELOUA gracilis 'Blonde Ambition' BOUGBA-BR Ornamental Grasses: Bouteloua (Grama)
17 BRIZA media BRMED-BR Ornamental Grasses: Briza
18 BRUNNERA macrophylla BRMAC-BR Perennial Species: Brunnera (Anchusa)
19 BRUNNERA macrophylla 'Alexander's Great' BRMAAG-BR Perennial Species: Brunnera (Anchusa)
20 BRUNNERA macrophylla 'Dawson's White' (Variegata) BRVARI-BR Perennial Species: Brunnera (Anchusa)
21 BRUNNERA macrophylla 'Emerald Mist' BRMEM-BR Perennial Species: Brunnera (Anchusa)
22 BRUNNERA macrophylla 'Jack Frost' BRJFR-BR Perennial Species: Brunnera (Anchusa)
23 BRUNNERA macrophylla 'Looking Glass' BMLOGL-BR Perennial Species: Brunnera (Anchusa)
24 BUCHLOE dactyloides BUDAC-BR Ornamental Grasses: Buchloe

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