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Roses in this Collection

Rennie's Pink Rennie's Pink
Cat # MIREPI10     Roses: Miniature Roses
Hardy to Zone 6, Repeater,
Price: $17.99
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excellent mini; deep salmon pink inner petals blending to soft pink and white outer petals; hybrid tea form; slight fragrance; (Rennie 1999)

The Fairy Rose of the year The Fairy
aka: Feerie
Cat # MITHFA10     Roses: Miniature Roses
Hardy to Zone 4, Height:2ft., Disease Resistant, ContinuousBloomer, GoodSpreader,
Price: $17.99
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Hardy and shade tolerant; Pink blooms that can turn white in the summer heat; 25 petals, average diameter 1.5", offer a mild, apple fragrance; Small, bloom form; Continuous (perpetual) bloom throughout the season. Arching, compact habit; Glossy, dark green foliage, thorny

Bred by Bentall (United Kingdom, 1932). Introduced in United States by Conard-Pyle (Star Roses) in 1941 as 'The Fairy'.