Alphabetical Rose Index - A

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# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
1 A Shropshire Lad SHASLA10 English Garden Roses
2 Abbaye De Cluny ® HTADCL10 Hybrid Teas
3 About Face™ GRABFA10 Grandiflora Roses
4 Abraham Darby ® SHABDA10 English Garden Roses
5 Admired Miranda ® SHADMI10 English Garden Roses
6 Alain FLALAI10 Floribunda Roses
7 Albertine - Potted CLALBE10 Climbing Roses
8 Alchemist - Potted CLALCH10 Climbing Roses
9 Alec's Red HTALRE10 Hybrid Teas
10 Alister Stella Gray CLASGR10 Climbing Roses
11 Aloha CLALOH10 Climbing Roses
12 Amber Flash MFAMFL10 Miniflora Roses
13 America CLAMER10 Climbing Roses
14 American Pillar - Potted CLAMPI10 Climbing Roses
15 Ann Henderson FLANHE10 Floribunda Roses
16 Anne Birnhak - Potted FLANBI10 Floribunda Roses
17 Anneke Dorrenbos FLANDO10 Floribunda Roses
18 Antique '89 - Potted CLANTI10 Climbing Roses
19 Apricot Angel HTAPAN10 Hybrid Teas
20 Aquarius - Potted GRAQUA10 Grandiflora Roses
21 Arthur Bell FLARBE10 Floribunda Roses
22 Auguste Renoir ® HTAURE10 Hybrid Teas

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