Alphabetical Rose Index - A

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Only primary product names are shown here, not the alternates kept in AKA. If you don't find a plant here by name, try the search, which includes AKAs.


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
1 Aachener Dom HTAACH10 Hybrid Teas
2 Abraham Darby SHABDA10 English Garden Roses
3 Agnes RUAGNE10 Rugosa
4 Albertine CLALBE10 Climbing Roses
5 Alchemist CLALCH10 Climbing Roses
6 Aloha Hawaii CLALHAW10 Climbing Roses
7 Amber Flash MFAMFL10 Miniflora Roses
8 American Pillar CLAMPI10 Climbing Roses
9 Anne Birnhak FLANBI10 Floribunda Roses
10 Anne Graber FLANGR10 Floribunda Roses
11 Antique '89 CLANTI10 Climbing Roses
12 Apollo HTAPOL10 Hybrid Teas
13 Aquarius GRAQUA10 Grandiflora Roses

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