Alphabetical Rose Index - B

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# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
1 Baronne Prince HYBAPR10 Hybrid Perpetual Roses
2 Baronne Princess HYBPRS10 Hybrid Perpetual Roses
3 Belle Danielle FLBEDA10 Floribunda Roses
4 Belle Poitevine RUBEPO10 Rugosa
5 Bellevue HTBELE10 Hybrid Teas
6 Ben's Gold HTBEGO10 Hybrid Teas
7 Berolina HTBERO10 Hybrid Teas
8 Betty Boop HTBEBO10 Floribunda Roses
9 Bill Reid FLBIRE10 Floribunda Roses
10 Blaze CLBLAZ10 Climbing Roses
11 Blush Noisette CLBLNO10 Climbing Roses
12 Bolero FLBOLE10 Floribunda Roses
13 Bonica SHBONI10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
14 Bordeaux SHBORD10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
15 Boscobel SHBOSC10 English Garden Roses
16 Bride of Colmar GRBRCO10 Grandiflora Roses
17 Brilliant Pink Iceberg FLBPIC10 Floribunda Roses
18 Bull's Eye SHBUEY10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
19 Burgundy Iceberg FLBUIC10 Floribunda Roses

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