Alphabetical Rose Index - S

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# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
1 Savannah HTSAVA10 Hybrid Teas
2 Savoy Hotel HTSAHO10 Hybrid Teas
3 Scarlet Meidiland SHSCME10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
4 Scarlet Ripple SHSCRI10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
5 Sea Foam GCSEFO10 Ground Cover Roses
6 Secret HTSECR10 Hybrid Teas
7 Seven Sisters MUSESI10 Old and Antique Roses
8 Sexy Rexy FLSERE10 Floribunda Roses
9 Sheer Elegance HTSHEL10 Hybrid Teas
10 Sheridan's Anniversary Blush FLSHAB10 Floribunda Roses
11 Sight Saver HTSISA10 Hybrid Teas
12 Sir Thomas Lipton RUSTLI10 Rugosa
13 Skyline HTSKYL10 Hybrid Teas
14 Sky's The Limit CLSTLI10 Climbing Roses
15 Sorrento SHSORR10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
16 Sparkle HTSPAR10 Hybrid Teas
17 Sparkle & Shine FLSPSH10 Floribunda Roses
18 Spinning Wheel SHSPWH10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
19 St. Ethelburga SHSTET10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
20 St. Patrick HTSTPA10 Hybrid Teas
21 St. Swithun SHSTSW10 English Garden Roses
22 Stadt Rosenheim SHSTRO10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
23 Stephen's Big Purple HTSBPU10 Hybrid Teas
24 Strike it Rich GRSTIR10 Grandiflora Roses
25 Summer Dream FLSUDR10 Floribunda Roses
26 Summer Romance FLSURO10 Floribunda Roses
27 Sunburst HTSUBU10 Hybrid Teas
28 Sunny Knock Out SHSUKN10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
29 Surrey GCSURR10 Ground Cover Roses
30 Susan Daniel FLSUSD10 Floribunda Roses
31 Susan William Ellis SHSUWE10 English Garden Roses
32 Swan Lake CLSWLA10 Climbing Roses
33 Swany GCSWAN10 Ground Cover Roses
34 Sweet Drift MISWDF10 Miniature Roses

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