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# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
1 A Shropshire Lad SHASLA10 English Garden Roses
2 Aachener Dom HTAACH10 Hybrid Teas
3 About Face™ GRABFA10 Grandiflora Roses
4 Admired Miranda ® SHADMI10 English Garden Roses
5 Alchemist CLALCH10 Climbing Roses
6 Alex Mackenzie SHAMAC10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
7 Amber Flash MFAMFL10 Miniflora Roses
8 America CLAMER10 Climbing Roses
9 American Pillar CLAMPI10 Climbing Roses
10 Anastasia HTANAS10 Hybrid Teas
11 Angela ® SHANLA10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
12 Anne Birnhak FLANBI10 Floribunda Roses
13 Anne Graber FLANGR10 Floribunda Roses
14 Antique '89 CLANTI10 Climbing Roses
15 Apollo ® HTAPOL10 Hybrid Teas
16 Apricot Drift SHAPDR10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
17 Aquarius GRAQUA10 Grandiflora Roses
18 Artistry HTARTI10 Hybrid Teas


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
19 Belle Danielle FLBEDA10 Floribunda Roses
20 Belle Story SHBEST10 English Garden Roses
21 Bellevue ® HTBELV10 Hybrid Teas
22 Benjamin Britten SHBENB10 English Garden Roses
23 Berolina HTBERO10 Hybrid Teas
24 Bill Reid FLBIRE10 Floribunda Roses
25 Blaze CLBLAZ10 Climbing Roses
26 Blaze Improved CLBLIM10 Climbing Roses
27 Blue Moon HTBLMO10 Hybrid Teas
28 Bolero FLBOLE10 Floribunda Roses
29 Bonica ® SHBONI10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
30 Bordeaux SHBORD10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
31 Boscobel SHBOSC10 English Garden Roses
32 Bride HTBRID10 Hybrid Teas
33 Bride of Colmar GRBRCO10 Grandiflora Roses
34 Brilliant Pink Iceberg FLBPIC10 Floribunda Roses
35 Brother Cadfael SHBRCA10 English Garden Roses
36 Bull's Eye SHBUEY10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
37 Burgundy Iceberg FLBUIC10 Floribunda Roses
38 Burning Glow FLBUGL10 Floribunda Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
39 Campfire HYCPFI10 Hybrid Teas
40 Canada Blooms HTCABL10 Hybrid Teas
41 Canadian Shield SHCASH10 Floribunda Roses
42 Canadian Sunset HTCASU10 Hybrid Teas
43 Candelabra GRCAND10 Grandiflora Roses
44 Cap Diamant SHCAPD10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
45 Cardinal Song GRCASO10 Grandiflora Roses
46 Carding Mill™ SHCAMI10 English Garden Roses
47 Carefree Beauty SHCABE10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
48 Carefree Celebration SHCACE10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
49 Carefree Delight SHCADE10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
50 Carefree Spirit FLCASP10 Floribunda Roses
51 Carefree Wonder SHCAWO10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
52 Caroline de Monaco HTCDMO10 Hybrid Teas
53 Caroline Victoria HTCAVI10 Hybrid Teas
54 Champlain SHCHAM10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
55 Charisma FLCHAR10 Floribunda Roses
56 Charles Austin SHCAUS10 English Garden Roses
57 Ch-Ching! GRCHCH10 Grandiflora Roses
58 Cherry Lady HTCHLA10 Hybrid Teas
59 Chicago Peace HTCHPE10 Hybrid Teas
60 Children's Hope SHCHHO10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
61 Chinook Sunrise SHCHSU10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
62 Chrysler Imperial HTCHIM10 Hybrid Teas
63 Cinderella FLCIND10 Floribunda Roses
64 Cinqo De Mayo FLCDMA10 Floribunda Roses
65 City of Welland HTCOWE10 Hybrid Teas
66 City of York CLCOYO10 Climbing Roses
67 Climbing Carefree Sunshine CLCASU10 Climbing Roses
69 Command Performance HTCOPE10 Hybrid Teas
70 Coral Dawn CLCODA10 Climbing Roses
71 Corrie Freelander HTCOFR10 Hybrid Teas
72 Cottage Rose ® SHCORO10 English Garden Roses
73 Cressida SHCRES10 English Garden Roses
74 Crimson Bouquet GRCRBO10 Grandiflora Roses
75 Crimson Cascade CLCRCA10 Climbing Roses
76 Crimson Glory HTCRGL10 Hybrid Teas
77 Crocus Rose SHCRRO10 English Garden Roses
78 Crown Princess Margareta SHCPMA10 English Garden Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
79 Darcey Bussell SHDABU10 English Garden Roses
80 Day Breaker FLDABR10 Floribunda Roses
81 De Montarville SHDEMO10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
82 Delany Sisters GRDESI10 Grandiflora Roses
83 Desert Peace HTDEPE10 Hybrid Teas
84 Dick Clark GRDICL10 Grandiflora Roses
85 Dizzy Heights CLDIHE10 Climbing Roses
86 Don Juan CLDOJU10 Climbing Roses
87 Double Delight ® HTDODE10 Hybrid Teas
88 Double Knockout SHDKNO10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
89 Dr. W. Van Fleet CLDWVF10 Climbing Roses
90 Dream Come True ™ GRDRCT10 Grandiflora Roses
91 Dreaming Spires CLDRSP10 Climbing Roses
92 Drop Dead Red FLDRDR10 Floribunda Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
93 Easy Does It ® FLEADI10 Floribunda Roses
94 Easy Going ™ FLEAGO10 Floribunda Roses
95 Easy on the Eyes SHEAEY10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
96 Ebby SHEBBY10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
97 Eden CLEDRO10 Climbing Roses
98 Eglantyne ™ SHEGLA10 English Garden Roses
99 Elegant Fairy Tale SHBRES10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
100 Emily Carr SHEMCA10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
101 Evelyn ™ SHEVEL10 English Garden Roses
102 Excelsa CLEXCE10 Climbing Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
103 F.J. Grootendorst Supreme RUFJGS10 Rugosa
104 Fair Bianca SHFABI10 English Garden Roses
105 Falstaff ® ™ SHFALS10 English Garden Roses
106 Felix Leclerc SHFELE10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
107 Fighting Temeraire ® SHFITE10 English Garden Roses
108 First Crush FLFICR10 Floribunda Roses
109 Fisherman's Friend SHFIFR10 English Garden Roses
110 Flaming Peace HTFLPE10 Hybrid Teas
111 Florentina ® CLFLOR10 Climbing Roses
113 For You with Love FLFYWT10 Floribunda Roses
114 Fourth of July CLFOJU10 Climbing Roses
115 Frau Dagmar Hastrup RUFDHA10 Rugosa
116 Frederic Mistral HTFRMI10 Hybrid Teas
117 Free Spirit FLFRSP10 Floribunda Roses
118 Frontenac SHFRON10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
119 Galway Bay CLGABA10 Climbing Roses
120 Gemini HTGEMI10 Hybrid Teas
121 Gentle Giant ™ HTGEG10 Hybrid Teas
122 Geoff Hamilton SHGEHA10 English Garden Roses
123 George Vancouver SHGEVA10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
124 Gertrude Jekyll SHGEJE10 English Garden Roses
125 Gift Certificate - $ 25 GIFT25 Gift Certificates
126 Gift Certificate - $ 50 GIFT50 Gift Certificates
127 Gift Certificate - $ 75 GIFT75 Gift Certificates
128 Gift Certificate - $100 GIFT100 Gift Certificates
129 Gift Certificate - $125 GIFT125 Gift Certificates
130 Gift Certificate - $150 GIFT150 Gift Certificates
131 Gina Lollobrigida ® HTGILO10 Hybrid Teas
132 Glowing Peace GRGLPE10 Grandiflora Roses
133 Gold Badge FLGOBA10 Floribunda Roses
134 Gold Medal GRGMDL10 Grandiflora Roses
135 Golden Celebration ™ SHGOCE10 English Garden Roses
136 Golden Sceptor CLSPYE10 Climbing Roses
137 Golden Showers CLGOSH10 Climbing Roses
138 Good as Gold HTGOGO10 Hybrid Teas
139 Graham Thomas ® SHGRTH10 English Garden Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
141 H.C. Anderson FLHCAN10 Floribunda Roses
142 Halle HTHALE10 Hybrid Teas
143 Happy Go Lucky GRHAGL10 Grandiflora Roses
145 Harlow Carr SHHACA10 English Garden Roses
146 Helen Robinson HTHERO10 Hybrid Teas
147 Hella CLHELA10 Climbing Roses
148 Henry Fonda HTHEFO10 Hybrid Teas
149 Henry Kelsey SHHEKE10 Climbing Roses
150 Heritage SHHERI10 English Garden Roses
151 Hero ® SHHERO10 English Garden Roses
152 High Hopes CLHIHO10 Climbing Roses
153 Home & Garden FLHOGA10 Floribunda Roses
154 Home and Family ™ HTHOFA10 Hybrid Teas
155 Homesteader MIHOME10 Miniature Roses
156 Honey Perfume FLHOPE10 Floribunda Roses
157 Honor HTHONO10 Hybrid Teas
158 Horatio Nelson SHHONE10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
159 HORTI-GROW (5 L) HGROW5L Other
160 Horti-Grow (500ml) HGROW500ML Other


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
162 Iceberg FLICEB10 Floribunda Roses
163 Icecap ™ FLICCA10 Floribunda Roses
164 Ida HTIDA-10 Hybrid Teas
165 Ilse Krohn Superior CLIKSU10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
166 Imogen SHIMOG10 English Garden Roses
167 Innocencia Vigorosa ® GCINNO10 Ground Cover Roses
168 Isabella Rossellini HTISRO10 Hybrid Teas
169 Ivory Grand GRIVGR10 Grandiflora Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
170 J.P. Connell SHJPCO10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
171 James Galway SHJAGA10 English Garden Roses
172 Jayne Austin SHJAAU10 English Garden Roses
173 Jeanne La Joie MIJEAL10 Climbing Roses
174 Jens Munk RUJEMU10 Rugosa
175 Jessica HTJESS10 Hybrid Teas
176 John Cabot SHJOCA10 Rugosa
177 John Davis SHJODA10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
178 John F. Kennedy HTJFKE10 Hybrid Teas
179 John S. Armstrong GRJSAR10 Grandiflora Roses
180 John Waterer HTJWAT10 Hybrid Teas
181 Julia Child ™ FLJUCH10 Floribunda Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
182 Kathy Wade FLKAWA10 Floribunda Roses
183 Kiss Me Kate ® CLKIKA10 Climbing Roses
184 Knockout SHKNOC10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
185 Kordes Perfecta HTKOPE10 Hybrid Teas
186 Kosmos ® Fairy Tale FLKOFT10 Floribunda Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
187 L.D. Braithwaite SHLDBR10 English Garden Roses
188 La Perla ® HTLAPE10 Hybrid Teas
189 Lady Aberdeen HTLAAB10 Hybrid Teas
190 Lady Elsie May ™ SHLAEM10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
191 Lady Emma Hamilton SHLEHA10 English Garden Roses
192 Lady of Shalott SHLASH10 English Garden Roses
193 Laguna HTLAGU10 Hybrid Teas
194 Lambert Closse SHLACL10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
195 Las Vegas HTLAVE10 Hybrid Teas
196 Lasting Peace GRLAPE10 Grandiflora Roses
197 Lemon Fizz SHLEFI10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
198 Lemon Meringue ™ CLLEME10 Climbing Roses
199 Leonardo da Vinci SHLDVI10 Floribunda Roses
200 Les Impatients SHLEIM10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
201 Liebeszauber ™ HTLIEB10 Hybrid Teas
202 Lilli Marleen FLLIMA10 Floribunda Roses
203 Linda Campbell RULICA10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
204 Lion's International HTLIIN10 Hybrid Teas
205 Little Darling FLLIDA10 Floribunda Roses
206 Livin' Easy ™ FLFESH10 Floribunda Roses
207 Lois Wilson HTLOWI10 Hybrid Teas
208 Love GRLOVE10 Grandiflora Roses
209 Love & Peace HTLAPE10 Hybrid Teas
210 Lucky FLLUCK10 Floribunda Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
211 Malvern Hills ® SHMALV10 English Garden Roses
212 Mardi Gras HTMAGR10 Hybrid Teas
213 Margaret Merril FLMAME10 Floribunda Roses
214 Marijke Koopman HTMAKO10 Hybrid Teas
215 Marilyn Monroe HTMAMO10 Hybrid Teas
216 Marmalade Skies FLMASK10 Floribunda Roses
217 Martin Frobisher RUMAFR10 Rugosa
218 Mary Rose ® SHMARO10 English Garden Roses
219 Maxi Vita ® FLMAVI10 Floribunda Roses
220 Meg CLMEG10 Climbing Roses
221 Mellow Yellow HTMELO10 Hybrid Teas
222 Memorial Day HTMEMO10 Hybrid Teas
223 Midas Touch HTMITO10 Hybrid Teas
224 Milestone HTMILE10 Hybrid Teas
225 Minniehaha CLMINN10 Climbing Roses
226 Miss Congeniality GRMICO10 Grandiflora Roses
227 Mister Lincoln HTMILI10 Hybrid Teas
228 Molineux SHMOLI10 English Garden Roses
229 Moody Blue HTMOBL10 Hybrid Teas
230 Moonlight CLMOOL10 Climbing Roses
231 Morden Amorette SHMOAM10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
232 Morden Blush SHMOBL10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
233 Morden Fireglow SHMOFI10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
234 Morden Snow Beauty SHMOSN10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
235 Morden Sunrise SHMOSU10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
236 Morning Mist SHMOMI10 English Garden Roses
237 Mortimer Sackler ™ SHMORT10 English Garden Roses
238 Mount Hood GRMTHO10 Grandiflora Roses
239 Mount Shasta GRMOSH10 Grandiflora Roses
240 Mountbatten FLMOUN10 Floribunda Roses
241 Munstead Wood SHMUWO10 English Garden Roses
242 Muskoka Moonlight HTMUMO10 Hybrid Teas


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
243 Neil Diamond HTNEDI10 Hybrid Teas
244 Neptune HTNEPT10 Hybrid Teas
245 New Dawn CLNEDA10 Climbing Roses
246 Nicolas SHNICO10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
247 Nicole FLNICO10 Floribunda Roses
248 Night Owl ™ CLNIOW10 Climbing Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
249 Oh My ! FLOHMY10 Floribunda Roses
250 Oklahoma HTOKLA10 Hybrid Teas
251 Old Smoothie HTOLSM10 Hybrid Teas
252 Olympiad ™ HTOLYM10 Hybrid Teas
253 Oscar Peterson SHOSPE10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
254 Othello SHOTHE10 English Garden Roses
255 Outta The Blue ™ SHOUBL10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
256 Parade CLPARA10 Climbing Roses
257 Parkdirektor Riggers ® CLPARI10 Climbing Roses
258 Parkwood Scarlet FLPARS10 Floribunda Roses
259 Party Hardy SHPAHA10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
260 Passionate Kisses FLPAKI10 Floribunda Roses
261 Peace HTPEAC10 Hybrid Teas
262 Peach Drift SHPEDR10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
263 Peggy Rockfeller HTPERO10 Hybrid Teas
264 Perfect Moment HTPEMO10 Hybrid Teas
265 Perfume Delight HTPEDE10 Hybrid Teas
266 Pink Chalice SHPICH10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
267 Pink Double Knock Out SHPDKO10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
268 Pink Knock Out SHPIKN10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
269 Pink Parfait GRPIPA10 Grandiflora Roses
270 Pink Peace HTPIPE10 Hybrid Teas
271 Pink Promise HTPPRO10 Hybrid Teas
272 Polka CLPOLK10 Climbing Roses
273 Pomponella ® FLPOMP10 Floribunda Roses
274 Portrait HTPOTR10 Hybrid Teas
275 Prairie Princess CLPRPR10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
276 Pretty Jessica SHPRJE10 English Garden Roses
277 Prima Donna GRPRDO10 Grandiflora Roses
278 Princess Alexandra of Kent SHPRAK10 English Garden Roses
279 Princesse De Monaco HTPDMO10 Hybrid Teas


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
280 Quadra SHQUAD10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
281 Queen Elizabeth GRQUEL10 Grandiflora Roses
282 Quicksilver ™ CLQUSI10 Climbing Roses


# Name CatNo Section: Subsection
283 Rainbow Knockout SHRAKN10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
284 Rainbow Niagara HTRANI10 Hybrid Teas
285 Rainbow Sorbet FLRASO10 Floribunda Roses
286 Raindrops SHRADR10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
287 Rebekah HTREBE10 Hybrid Teas
288 Red Drift SHREDR10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
289 Red Fountain CLREFO10 Climbing Roses
290 Red Riding Hood FLRRIH10 Floribunda Roses
291 Redoute SHREDO10 English Garden Roses
292 Rio Samba HTRISA10 Hybrid Teas
293 Rita Mcneil HTRMCN10 Hybrid Teas
294 Roald Dahl SHRODL10 English Garden Roses
295 Rosanna ® CLROSA10 Climbing Roses
296 Rose de Rescht DARDRE10 Old and Antique Roses: Damascena
297 Rose-Marie SHROMA10 English Garden Roses
298 Roter Stern HTROST10 Hybrid Teas
299 Royal Bonica SHROBO10 Modern and Old Shrub Roses
300 Rural England CLRUEN10 Climbing Roses

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