Blush Noisette

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Blush Noisette
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akaBlush Cluster, Flesh-coloured Noisette, Noisette carnée, Old Blush Noisette, R. indica noisettiana, Rosa indica var. noisettiana (Redouté) Reg, Rosa noisettiana Bosc. Synonym, Rosa X noisettiana Thory, Rosier de Phillipe Noisette, Rosier Noisette  
Section:Climbing Roses 
Hardy to Zone:
Height:6 ft. 
Disease Resistant, HeatTolerant, GoodCut, Repeater,
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Blush Noisette Description:
Lilac-pale pink double blooms (up to 35 petals) age to white and offer a clove fragrance; Average diameter 2.5" blooms are in large clustered form; Blooms in flushes; Thorny with glossy foliage

Bred by Philippe Noisette (United States, 1814).