Chica Veranda ®

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Chica Veranda ®
akaChica Flower Circus ®, KO 01/1520-01, KORfloci18 
Section:Floribunda Roses 
Hybridizer:Kordes   (more by
Hardy to Zone:
Height:3 ft. 
Fragrance:no fragrance 
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Chica Veranda ® Description:
Coral red, salmon-pink very double blooms offer no fragrance; Blooms in flushes; Compact habit, can reach 2 feet in width

Bred by W. Kordes & Sons (Germany, 2001). Introduced in United States by Newflora™ LLC as 'Chica Veranda'. Introduced in Germany by W. Kordes' Söhne (Wholesale) in 2007 as 'Chica Flower Circus'.