Julia Child ™

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Julia Child ™
Cat #FLJUCH10 
akaAbsolutely Fabulous, Anisade®, Jiøina Bohdalová, SASOL Rose, Soul Mate, WEKvossutono  
Section:Floribunda Roses 
Hybridizer:Carruth   (more by
Hardy to Zone:
Height:3 ft. 
Fragrance:very fragrant 
Disease Resistant, HeatTolerant, ContinuousBloomer, GoodCut, GoodHedge, GoodBedding,
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Julia Child ™ Description:
Butter-yellow double blooms (up to 45 petals) offer a strong, anise-licorice fragrance; Average diameter 3" blooms are borne mostly solitary, clustered, cupped and globular, old-fashioned form; Thorny with a compact, bushy and rounded habit

Bred by Tom Carruth (United States, 2004). Introduced in United States by Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower, Inc. in 2006 as 'Julia Child'. Introduced in Australia by Swane's Nursery/Swane Bros Pty Ltd in 2009 as 'Soul Mate'