WEIGELA florida 'Alexandra'

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WEIGELA florida 'Alexandra'
Cat #WFALE4C3 
akaWine and Roses® Weigela 
Hardy to Zone:
Height:5 ft. 
Disease Resistant, StrongGrower,
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'Alexandra' has got a beautiful deciduous dark purple foliage; it is the most purple among all the varieties of Weigela. It is middled-sized and its form is upright. A stately spreading shrub with arching shoots and oval, tapered, dark burgundy-purple leaves. Alexandra is very floriferous in May and early June. It produces corymbs of funnel-shaped, beautiful red flowers which are pink-rose to nearly white inside. Being very ornamental for a big part of the year, 'Alexandra' can very well be planted in bushy clumps or as informal hedges attracting hummingbirds in late spring and early summer. Partial Shade to Full Sun

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